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How simply some people just enter our lives,
Adding on eternal memories,
Plotting against our solidarity with much needed jives,
Pacing along in our times of joy as well as the miseries,
Yielding many a moment to be found in our life’s archives.

Finding them is never so hard,
Reach out the moment when it simply clicks,
Initiate a journey where one can be a lil crazy and off guard,
Enjoy the differences as the time ticks,
Notching up a different experiences on our life’s card,
Defeat obstacles that life conjures up as its own tricks,
Stand up for craziest of their wishes,
Holding back doesn’t seem an option in this bond of trust,
Induce strength to this one of the very important life’s bridges,
Prevailing the tests of time and won’t simply rust.

Deepen these ties which break our monotony every single time,
Abound life’s adventures with this family which we have chosen,
Yanking away our fears along with whom have added a new melody to our life’s rhyme.

P.S. : Just add up first alphabet of every line ­čśë


An Illusioned Reality

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You be the difference between my present and my past,
Be present in my every inclination,
Ask my every breath and pray tell,
Who is responsible for this wonderous annexation?

But is it real or just my mind’s fa├žade?
Are you there or not?
Can this be indeed be possible?
Surely, destiny didn’t have this in my plot.

You seem to be paving my every path,
The mediator between sleep and my eyes,
Spending time with you seems incoherent,
It comes to standstill and yet somehow flies.

You easelessly latch onto my every moment,
Becoming the reason for every smile,
Keep on asking myself whether this is indeed real,
Or just my heart’s elaborate beguile?


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Life has set up many conspiracies,
Long forestanding wishes of this heart are met,
How is now destiny hearing my silence?
Deep seeded wishes it has started to abet.

This madness that brought me closer to you,
Your mercy became my obsession,
My luck turned owing to this madness,
Being in your love, my only expression.

Time moved on, ever so slowly,
Simmering in these fervid times,
Triggering a burning desire,
Resonating on a million rhymes.

The moment has spoken,
You gained my unconditional acceptance,
Nothing now remains usual,
Every moment is a new transcendence.

Love: A Chaotic Tranquility

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To this day, her fragrance dwells in my breaths,
Words of her praises playing around on the tip of my tongue,
A playful passion that resides in my eyes,
So many of these memoirs that remain forever young.

I remember the turbulent times,
When she suddenly shyly receded just as she was coming close,
Her every last impression,
My mind has thereon been caught in its repose.

The resonant cry from my heart,
Connects itself in every day melodies,
As if it is continually subdued,
Against my mind, it would commit a million felonies.

This frenzied mind now waits for the chain of events,
Wherein my heart’s yearning would affect her,
Wherein she also burns a little,
In this rampant fire in which my heart smoulders.

Time Doesn’t Matter

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Some people come into your life,
For the shortest instance of time,
Yet bring about the most drastic of changes,
Just as a song stays with you cos of an unforgettable line.

One senses the winds of change,
The positive energy just flows,
Making every misplaced thoughts and tensions disappear,
Filling one up from the head to the toes.

Time never matters in these relations,
Just the mere acceptance of both the sides,
It becomes an exceptional journey,
Strengthened in those unmistakable laughs through life’s rides.

They never tried to carve themselves into your hearts,
They just left those soft yet intangible footprints,
In the sands of our hearts and minds,
Which one protects more dearly than their own imprints.

In the end, one can be only thankful,
That they graced our lives,
Those small moments, those trivial pranks,
Have truly made it the time of our lives.

The Nearly Permanent Roommates

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Innumerable moments to look back upon,
The time has really flown,
Somethings sink in deeper,
Than our flesh, our mind, down to the bone.

One listened to numerous ramblings,
While the other encouraged enormous zeal,
One shared the calmness and the patience,
The other brought in his charisma and nerves of steel.

With both I shared an immense passion for music,
Both increased my friendship sphere,
Our concurrency brought about many an event,
And many a memory to cheer.

As now all of us head on our paths,
These moments remain engraved in mind,
If ever given the option,
Without a single thought, I would gladly rewind.

Inescapable Love

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You became my laughter,
You became my sorrow,
You became my yesterday,
Became my tomorrow.

Yes, I started changing,
Found myself falling and steadying myself again and again,
Since the time I have known you,
Found myself drawn to you and simply could not abstain,

On every journey, at every place,
Your presence seemed irrefutable,
My atheistic self found itself at a paradox,
My own beliefs weakened and unstable.

Now, even the people falter in finding my loneliness,
Keep on trying to find your shade in me,
Whatever I had searched throughout my life,
You fulfilled ┬áthat and changed my life’s destiny.